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Made With Natural & Organic Ingredients Only

Our Natural and Organic Oils are certified USDA and tested in US labs.

Low Minimum On a Wide Range Of Oils

We offer low minimums to luxury SPAs, Salon and retailers of all sizes.

We Will Customize Your Products

We will customize your product with natural essential oils, quality packaging and accessories.

Start In Just As Easy As 3 Steps

We can help you launch your product within two weeks of time, from the moment we receive your label.

Purolea Cosmetics Lab is a private label company specialized in skincare and haircare organic cosmetic oils. We offer a turnkey solution from your product creation to its distribution. We are an importer and distributor of natural and organic cosmetic oils (carrier oils and essential oils) certified organic Ecocert ICO and USDA. We have a strong network of international producers around the globe that are carefully selected to guarantee high quality and a standardized traceability. You will find Purolea Cosmetics Lab to offer the most original organic custom formula to make you stand out in the cosmetic industry. Purolea Cosmetics Lab chooses Ecocert ICO to certify and guarantee its traceability procedures. At Purolea Cosmetics Lab, we also offer private label services and custom made solutions to companies wanting to create a skin care and a hair care product line.


Purolea Cosmetics Lab is a community for all beauty enthusiasts to come together and experience the power and magic of exquisite cosmetics products. Our unique blend in both science and beauty has proved to be essential in helping create some of the top cosmetics brands in the industry. Our mission is not only to follow the latest trends in the cosmetics industry but also to create them.

At Purolea Cosmetics Lab, whether you are launching a new line of product or you want us to take over your line of products, we do make sure to provide you with excellent service, at a high speed, for a low cost. We can help you reach you market, your targets, your strategy and your vision.