Best Eye Care Routine For Under Eyes Bags

Best Eye Care Routine For Under Eyes Bags

When using any eye care routine for under eyes bags, make sure you are patient with it and be consistent. Follow every new routine every day for up to 6 weeks. If you don’t see any improvement, you can move on to another new practice and repeat for another 4 to 6 weeks and see if it works. Below are the best routines for under eye bags:

  1. Rose Water – Not only that rose water smells good, but it can also rejuvenate and soothe tired skin. It is a mild astringent, just like a cucumber, so it works well as a skin toner. To do this, soak cotton makeup cleaner pads in rose water for up to 10 minutes and place the pads on your CLOSED eyelids. Let them stay for up to 15 minutes and repeat twice daily.
  2. Macadamia Oil – This is one of the best ways to improve under eyes bags. This is because it has different antioxidants that have been linked to improve eye health. These antioxidants do this by reducing the growth of cataracts and prevent macular degeneration. Squalene, one of the antioxidants present in this oil is rare and does a strong work on the skin. Squalene occurs naturally in the body but boosting it through macadamia nut oil will help lower oxidative stress on the skin and the body’s fats. It helps to prevent age spots, wrinkles, and it slow healing rates. With these effects on the skin, it helps to cure under eyes bags.
  3. Eye Massager – Regular massaging of your eyes help to improve the flow of blood to the under eye area. This will also prevent blood from getting stuck in the capillaries under the eyes. There are different massagers on the market that you can buy and use. Apply your preferred serum or eye cream before using the massager at the right intensity. Move the massager from right to left and from corner to corner. The eye massager is a very effective method to get rid of under eyes bags.

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