How to Take Care of Your Kid’s Skin?

How to Take Care of Your Kids' Skin?

Kids have tender and soft skins that need to be taken care of to prevent all sort of skin injuries. If you want to keep the skin of your kid moist, healthy, and clean, follow the following steps:

Dry the Drool – Spit may be a constant trigger of skin irritation for babies.

Clip Nails Short – Kids’ skins are tender, and they can always want to scratch when it’s itching, just like adults. Scratching will never make the itches go away but affected it the more. Cutting short their nails will help prevent the worsening of their skin.

Moisturize your Kids Skin – Always moisturize your kid’s skin. Apply only a moisturizer that is made for kids to your kid’s face and body immediately after bath to seal in the moisture. Correct moisturizing will help protect your kid’s sensitive skin from irritation.

Be Gentle – Use dry- and fragrance-free soaps and cleansers on the skin of your kid. Most products like fabric softeners, laundry detergent, and many types of soap contain perfumes and dyes that can irritate the sensitive skin of your kid. Choose sensitive-skin-friendly perfume free, dye free, and specially designed products for sensitive skin. Same goes for shampoo, cream, soap, lotion, and other personal care products. Most Harsh soaps and cleansers can cause skin dryness and break down its shielding barrier.

Protect Your Kid’s Skin from the Sun – Exposing your kid’s skin to the sun can irritate and burn your kid’s delicate skin. Your son can stay in the sun before 10 am to help prevent skin cancer when they grow up. Do not let them stay in the sun from 10 am to 4 pm when there are strong sun rays. Cover up your kid with protective clothing and choose a sunscreen that shields against UVB and UVA rays and with an SPF of around 30. Do not use products that have PABA for your kids; such a product can cause skin irritation. Also, protect their lips by applying sunscreen lip balm on their lips.

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