About Us

Our team at Purolea Cosmetics lab is the brainchild of a Moroccan-American woman, Maria Mattina. What you see at PurOlea is the stems from a few things, namely Maria Mattina’s love for healthy cosmetics, her longtime passion for cosmetics formulation, and her background in sustainability work. Put that all together, ET VOILA! Like Maria will say often in her sentences, meaning: “Akunamatata. You’ve got us, a cosmetics lab specialized in the manufacturing of organic and natural skin & hair care cosmetics.” 

We offer the most ancient beauty secrets from the beginning of times. We also strive to bring a healthy world of personal care to our customers while offering only the most trendy and exotic natural and organic cosmetic oils (carriers oils and essential oils) certified organic Ecocert  ICO and USDA.   

At Purolea Cosmetics Lab, we have also incorporated a strong network of carefully selected organic certified producers who are tasked with ensuring that our products are formulated with a high-quality standard formula. We are also able to certify and guarantee our products’ traceability procedures.  Purolea Cosmetics Lab offers simple and pure private label services with custom made solutions to companies wanting to create pure skincare and a hair care product lines.