What is Dermo-Cosmetics?

Dermo-Cosmetics is the best of both worlds. Dermo-Cosmetics rely on science to design pure and natural products that heal the skin while improving its appearance. These products are certified USDA organic and ensure effectiveness and safety with the total absence of harmful effects.

What do Dermo-Cosmetics do to your skin?

Dermo-Cosmetics aim to combat skin imbalances of all kinds and meet the specific needs of different skin types. All active ingredients are used to perform three main functions.

  • – Protect your skin against the effect of the sun and external aggression of all kind (heat, cold, wind, pollution, etc.). They preserve the skin from premature aging.
  • – Hydrate while maintaining the skin an optimal level of hydration so it can regenerate in a healthy way.
  • – Repair with components that will reduce your skin imperfections and compensate for damaged caused by external factors.