Add Organic and Natural Scents for your Various Products.

Organic and natural formulations require natural scents to become perfect products for consumers to use. With various essential oils available, it’s easy to see why different people have their choice of natural scent when it comes to skin and hair care products. Purolea Cosmetics Lab is committed to providing you with the unique opportunity to have your brand offer naturally or organically scented cosmetics.

Our wide range of essential oils makes it easier to for us to present our customers with different variations to scent their products and meet their consumer’s demand. We don’t just provide you with the opportunity to develop your brand without offering any harmful and synthetic ingredients. Your consumer’s well being matters and your custom demands are what we obey. Our lab experts use only certified natural and organic scents to do the manufacturing of your products.

Whether you’re starting a new brand or need special scenting formulations for an existing cosmetics line, Purolea Cosmetics Lab has a large range of organic base scents. Our lab experts know what it takes to help you improve your existing product line by suggesting and utilizing special and organic scents to incorporate into your product and make it stand out while meeting your customer demands. As a leading personal care contract manufacturer in Michigan, we go for the best and certified organic scents and develop creative solutions for your skin and hair care products. We work with your formulations and custom requirements to ensure all the products mapped out, flaunt the best blends of essential oils.